Category: mindfulness

  • The Wisdom of Nature

    Last week winter wreaked havoc in the Midwest. Schools were closed, flights cancelled and plans interrupted. The February fury lasted for three days and the sounds of shovels and snow blowers were ubiquitous. And then, suddenly it was over. The sun came out. Nature’s anger was spent and the collective mood had changed. When winter […]

  • A World of Possibilities

    At any given moment there exists a world of unexpected possibilities, even in the frozen tundra that has been southeast Michigan the past few weeks. Today, hoping to work off some of the excess of the holidays and keep moving in spite of persistent snow and Arctic temperatures, I headed to the fitness center and […]

  • Leadership in Secular Meditation

    If you didn’t see former Vice President Joe Biden on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week, I recommend it. I watched on my computer after the fact, and was riveted by the skill of the interviewer and the authenticity and passion of the interviewee. The interview ranged from speculation about the 2020 presidential […]

  • Unsettled and Restless

    I am unsettled and restless these days. Maybe with the current state of the world it’s easy to understand why, but somehow this uneasiness seems more personal. I’m caught in the tangle of planning for the future or in looking over my shoulder to resolve old business. I’m “doing” all the right things—eating complex carbs, […]

  • Meditation at Ten Thousand Feet

    I’m on my way to what I hope is a new habit, a good habit. I typically meditate first thing in the morning. After trial and error, I’ve found that the likelihood of getting myself on the cushion decreases with every passing hour. However on days that I travel, my first-thing-in-the-morning-meditation is often not possible. […]

  • Walking Nowhere But Home:

    On Retreat with Rebecca Bradshaw and the Good People of the Yellow Springs Dharma Center It was the first morning of a seven-day retreat. I arrived the evening before with two friends after driving four hours in steady rain. The day before my departure, I backed my car into a neighbor’s mailbox and destroyed the […]

  • Underwater Meditation

    The occasion to escape the Michigan winter is an opportunity for which I am truly grateful and I have the good fortune of being in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Today is the fifth day of a week long vacation and I had been meditating in spite of the disruption in my daily […]

  • A Simple Resolution?

    I found myself in the grocery store on the afternoon of New Years Eve restocking the pantry after being out of town for a week. In the produce section, I reached for one of the tempting mixes of designer greens including radicchio, baby kale, spinach and arugula. But before I placed the lettuces in my […]