A World of Possibilities

At any given moment there exists a world of unexpected possibilities, even in the frozen tundra that has been southeast Michigan the past few weeks.

Today, hoping to work off some of the excess of the holidays and keep moving in spite of persistent snow and Arctic temperatures, I headed to the fitness center and submerged myself in the “warm pool” and began swimming laps. I started to pay attention to the rhythm of my breath and the sensation of being surrounded by warm water. My mental state began to shift from frustration and annoyance to relief, and pleasure, as I moved through the pool.

After a while, I came up for air and noticed a lively conversation between the lifeguard perched at the edge of the pool and two other swimmers.

I lifted my goggles to get a better look. It seemed that one swimmer could only spoke Portuguese, the other swimmer English and French, and the lifeguard English and very few words of Spanish. Which is where my moderate Spanish fluency came in. Before long, the four of us-three swimmers and a lifeguard- were engaged in an animated conversation about the joys of swimming in the winter, the New Year and learning English.

As I reflected on this unexpected event, one in which I was delightfully connected with three strangers in an unusual setting, I realized just how easy it is to remain in our own lanes where we are comfortable but closed off. Once I shifted my attention to my breath and the sensation of my body moving through the water, anything was possible.

May 2018 be a year in which you are open to possibilities.

~Claire Weiner

January 7, 2018