Tag: mindfulness

  • The Wisdom of Nature

    Last week winter wreaked havoc in the Midwest. Schools were closed, flights cancelled and plans interrupted. The February fury lasted for three days and the sounds of shovels and snow blowers were ubiquitous. And then, suddenly it was over. The sun came out. Nature’s anger was spent and the collective mood had changed. When winter […]

  • A World of Possibilities

    At any given moment there exists a world of unexpected possibilities, even in the frozen tundra that has been southeast Michigan the past few weeks. Today, hoping to work off some of the excess of the holidays and keep moving in spite of persistent snow and Arctic temperatures, I headed to the fitness center and […]

  • Grateful for Mindfulness

    Yesterday was a long and busy day. I woke early, went to work in my psychotherapy practice where I met a new client, did my best to begin to get to know him and establish a therapeutic relationship and saw a few return appointments. I worked on last minute plans for a meeting of non-profit […]

  • Word with Friends

    WORDS WITH FRIENDS is a popular smart phone app that allows a virtual connection between friends, or strangers, while playing a Scrabble-like word game. It’s fun, let’s hope it’s good for the brain, and it’s free. But what about real words with friends or stangers? The kind of words that make a difference in the […]

  • Panic on the Cushion

    Several years ago, at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, I attended a five-day Advanced Training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression. MBCT is an evidence- based intervention designed to prevent recurrence in people who suffer from recurrent depression. The setting was serene, central Massachusetts in late summer. The grounds were lush and […]